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Omzen Solar is one of Melbourne’s most trusted service and maintenance providers for residential and commercial solar systems. We specialise in solar maintenance, electrical servicing, repairs and upgrades.


Faulty inverter
Faulty DC isolators
Faulty Panels
Earth Leakage
Tripping circuit breakers
Reduced power generation


With specialist electrical maintenance your solar system will continue to generate the highest return on your investment throughout its lifespan.

Higher energy generation
More consistent bill savings
Longer inverter and panel life
Improved safety of your home or business

Solar Maintenance Process

The steps to keep your system operating in peak condition

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Solar Health Check

Detailed report on the current condition of your system, identifying any current or potential  issues.

Specialist advice and a quote for any required repairs or rectification.

Maintenance reports can be imperative if you need to make a warranty claim where the manufacturer asks for evidence of regular maintenance checks to validate a warranty.

So, what needs to be checked?

  • Inspect inverter and record readings
  • Test of installation
  • VOC and ISC test results
  • Insulation resistance and irradiance
  • Check panels for any visual defects, configuration, specifications and earthing of the array
  • Check frames/racking for corrosion and installation integrity
  • Check roof fixings
  • Check integrity of cables, connectors and conduit 
  • Check isolators for water ingress
  • Check junction boxes for water ingress
  • Remove physical debris and other fire hazards
  • Check for roof leaks or any damage to roof
  • Check AC and DC isolator integrity, connections, ratings, brand, correct polarity
  • Check MSB for CB and AC cable size, connections and meter installation
  • Supply a full report, with tests completed, photographs, recommendations and quote (if required)
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Service, maintenance, repairs and upgrades

Your experienced Omzen Solar electrician will provide you with professional and honest advice on the best course of action to repair or upgrade your system so it operates at its full potential, satisfying your energy needs now and into the future.

Service and maintenance
Repair or replacement of parts
Installs for warranty and insurance claims
System upgrades and batteries

Discover our full range of maintenance services

  • Repair of system shutdowns or low generation
  • Storm damage repairs
  • Repair of poor installations
  • Panel replacement
  • Repair or replacement of isolators
  • Repair or replacement of inverters
  • Repair or replacement of  DC connectors
  • Repair or replacement of conductor and conduit Faulty solar array earthing systems repair
  • Repair and replacement of parts damaged by corrosion
  • Repair and replacement of frame components and roof fixings
  • Repair and replacement of faulty solar monitoring systems
  • Repair and replacement of industry recalled components
  • Repair and replacement for insurance claims
  • Repair and replacement for warranty claims
  • Relocation of panels, inverters and batteries
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Roof Mount Solar System Installation
Roof Mount Solar Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance Plan

The components of your system will have extensive product warranties, often 25 years for your panels and 10 years for your inverter. However this does not ensure the efficiency and production of the system without regular maintenance.

Frequent checkups can help to avoid costly faults and ensure the longevity of your system’s performance.
For each scheduled inspection you will receive a full condition report.
Choose an annual or biannual maintenance schedule.
Maintenance reports can be imperative if you need to make a warranty claim where the manufacturer asks for evidence of regular maintenance checks to validate a warranty.
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What can reduce the efficiency of your system over time?

Knowledge is power. Understanding what can affect the longevity of your solar system means you’re better equipped to prevent potential damage before it occurs.

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What can damage your inverter?

Solar inverters create their own heat and can be prone to overheating, especially in the hot Australian climate. Choosing an inverter, like a Fronius, with it’s own inbuilt fan for cooling can help to significantly extend the life of your inverter. Also, ensuring your inverter is adequately protected from direct sunlight during the day is essential for maintaining efficient AC power output.

Loose wiring and connections can cause an inverter to arc. An electrical arc is a release of electrical energy which can cause fire or explosion. Regularly checking and tightening connections can help to ensure your inverter is operating safely and efficiently.

What can damage solar panels?

Falling debris or tree branches can shatter a panel causing obvious damage which would prompt panels to be replaced. However strong weather like wind, hail or lightning can cause minor external damage to solar panels, which can then create internal structural issues that are less obvious to identify but can dramatically effect a panel’s overall production.

What are hotspots on solar panels?

Solar panels generate electric current when the sun shines on them. Any imperfections on the solar panel such as significant build up of dirt and leaves, microcracks, or poorly soldered joins can cause an uneven distribution of heat, with hot spots developing. Over time these can cause ‘burn marks’ on the panel and even fire.

What are microcracks on solar panels?

The silicon used in manufacturing solar cells is very thin and microcracks can form over time from external factors such as hail and falling debris, or extreme temperature changes from day to night. Microcracks are often invisible to the human eye. Whilst they are tiny imperfections, they cause the solar cell to stop conducting electricity putting stress on the surrounding cells, increasing the chance of hot pots and decreasing the overall efficiency of the system.

Does rain clean solar panels?

Heavy rain will help to rinse everyday dirt and grime from your solar panels if they are on tilt. However, just like rain doesn’t make your car sparkling clean, rain will not remove dried-on animal droppings, thick dirt or leaves. Cleaning is essential for flat panels as the water will not run off naturally. For any system, cleaning can help to reduce hotspots and microcracks and improve the overall efficiency and lifespan of your system.

Booking your solar servicing, maintenance and repairs.

Solar Health Check

Know the condition of your system.

  • On site inspection
  • Condition report
  • Service Recommendations
  • Quote on any required works
$300 - Book Now
Site Specific Repairs

Restore your system to optimum efficiency.

  • Service & maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Replacement parts
  • Rectification of poor installations
  • Upgrades
  • Batteries
Scheduled Preventative Maintenance

Proactively prevent faults before they happen.

  • Hassle-free annual maintenance check and condition report.
  • This set-and-forget option means your system will always be looked after, helping to avoid costly faults altogether.
$200/year - Book Now

Industry Accreditations

Omzen is a CEC accredited solar retailer and our experienced solar electricians are CEC accredited installers and designers. We service, maintain and repair your solar system to the highest industry standards.

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